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Tattoo’s Don’t Have To Be Forever


“It is estimated 50% of tattoo wearers will want their tattoo removed at some stage in their life” – enter Dermapen TattOff! TattOff uses Dermapen TattOff Activator, a lactic acid proprietary fluid, to bring the tattoo pigment to the sur­face in the form of a scab. Once the scab falls off, there’s no more pigment and the underlying skin is clear. TattOff Benefits Include:


Removes All Ink Colours: TattOff is colour blind and will remove any and all colours including the most exotic hues and pigment blends unlike lasers that rely on light that can treat only a limited range of colours, leaving the others virtually untouched.


Less Painful Than Laser: TattOff requires fewer treatments and is less painful and affordable than laser. It reduces the number of required treatments and doesn’t damage natural skin pigment.


Quicker Results: Process requires pigmented skin to be treated only once.


Safer: TattOff uses the natural healing process to expel pigment rather than breaking it down and depositing critical organs in the body like laser.


Tattoo pigment is inert and not recognised by the body as a foreign substance, allowing it to remain permanently on the body. Dermapen TattOff treatments are designed to remove these pigmented areas of tattoos in a series of visits that vary depending on the size of the tattoo.


TattOff treatments involve small circles being created over the surface of the tattoo with a space in between each circle with gaps left for subsequent sessions. This spacing strategy helps with the healing process and minimises the chance of scarring.