Our Story

The INSKIN Story - By Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO & Founder

In 1985 Marie studied with Diana Nolan School of Beauty Therapy. Whilst in her HSC she couldn’t relate to Chemistry, Physiology or Anatomy she certainly embraced it in her Beauty Therapy years knowing exactly how it related to her responsibilities as a therapist wanting to make a skin difference.


Gung-ho on being that therapist committed to making a difference Marie, now the CEO and Founder of INSKIN COSMEDICS, extended her mission to skin and beyond! “In 2007 when I started INSKIN COSMEDICS my goal was to bring to the Australian beauty industry skin solutions that that were being developed with advanced technology in mind; able to change skins from the inside out. By 2010 after much research and international travel I was ready to create my own Australian brand that not only captured international firsts in science, technology, packaging, skin transformations and skin solutions but also took into account the business needs of Australian skin care centers.”


Marie recalls the first 15 or so years of her hands on beauty therapist role where her greatest tools were cosmetic skincare solutions and the likes of high frequency, galvanic and faradic currents. Sit in on one of Marie’s trainings and she often asks, “if 15 years ago I got results with non-active skincare ranges why are the same ranges not good enough today?” the simple answer is “we are 15 years older, we live in an aging population where skins require active ingredients, advanced peptides and formulations in biomimetic delivery systems to make a visible difference both within and on the skin.” This is where we won’t get her off her platform; the topic of cosmetics versus cosmeceuticals will set her passion on fire. French, fluffy, indulgent… “Sure, lovely” says Marie “but not if your aim is to stay young let alone reverse years of damage on the skin.”


While the times have changed, Marie insists that until little hands pop out of smartphones and iPad's consumers still need to frequent their skin clinics to get the best results possible. Yes it is convenient to buy online however there is a compromise that comes with online shopping and that is self-diagnosis and no professional advice. Even today, with all the technology around us, aestheticians and dermal therapists are the true skin experts. INSKIN partners hold our weaponry and are dedicated to fighting the battle against aging. Through them we are proud to bring you the world's best in skin correction and anti-ageing.


INSKIN COSMEDICS is truly the house of an international line-up of brands and offers at top end performance and quality. Building success on end results, each INSKIN COSMEDICS brand makes good skin sense and is carefully chosen to make a difference on the skin. You only need to look at the opportunity that INSKIN presents to see Marie is not just full of words but a woman of action who has built success on her passion, reputation and skin results.